FC Nantes

Short history

Inaugurated on 8 May 1984 in a friendly match FC Nantes- Romania (0-1), the stadium of La Beaujoire -Louis Fonteneau is a tribute to President Fonteneau who was the head of the club from 1969 to 1986. It replaces the old stadium Marcel Saupin (ex -Malakoff) that became unsuited to the needs of a professional team in first division. With 27,000 seats, it could no longer cope at major championship games and European Cups. 

The Euro 84, organized by France, provided the perfect opportunity to build a modern arena. The construction works took sixteen months at an estimated cost of 100 million francs: 50% of the amount being subsidized by the state. It required 20,000 m3 of concrete. In its initial version, the stadium offered 52,923 seats and standing.Before the 1998 World Cup , a major refurbishment was carried out. This work, covering 42,840,000 francs, led to many improvements :

  • Installation of protection against the wind
  • Installation of 15,000 seats
  • Resumption of access (improving distribution & increase)
  • Recovery of the playing surface Stadium without fences


In addition to the demands of the World Cup, the development of safety standards have led to several improvements:

  • Additional lighting
  • Modernization of sound
  • Video surveillance
  • Sector-specific forums (separation of compartments)
  • Creation of an additional twenty lodges
  • Installation of seats on all seats of grandstands
  • Installation of a second light display and renovation of the existing panel.


Since the 1998-99 season, the stadium management has also removed the fences surrounding the field. A change that increased the visual comfort of the public. 

Important events

Two first round group matches during the EURO 1984.
Five first round group matches and the quarter-final between Brazil and Denmark during the 1998 World Cup.