SGL guarantee sports stadia a top quality pitch/field. Many stadiums worldwide use the revolutionary SGL system that involves high-tech equipment and technology to reach the desired pitch quality. Our unique approach and commitment ensure that we always deliver the promised quality.

SGL stands for

• State of the art technology

• Used by many stadiums worldwide

• High-tech equipment

• Unrivalled experience and knowledge

• Top quality pitch/field guaranteed

• Unique approach and commitment

• Highly valued after sales service 

Benefits of the SGL Concept

• Improved quality of the game

• Constant top quality, no surprises

• Provides significant increase for additional use

without reducing quality

• Extra revenues

• Enhanced image

• Remote insight into growing conditions


Products & services

  • SGL Analyser
    Remote pitch monitoring
  • SGL Assist
    Support programme
  • SGL Mobile Units
    Lighting rigs


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