Bosch Communication Systems

Bosch is a global supplier and market leader for integrated security, safety and communication systems, with over 1000 stadiums worldwide relying on our technology. While we are very proud of the products we build, for us what matters most is to understand the needs and deliver full solutions which help to make sport facilities safer and fan-engaging. Therefore we strive to be close to customers and all relevant stakeholders, building enduring relationships that don't stop the moment we deliver technology. They last for life.

We have been participating in top events all over the world, with invited speeches at conferences such as the Stadium Design Summit or the Major Events International Summit, with high attendances and exposure, delivering not only the brand recognition, but also fully respected as an authority in the stadium security segment.

Bosch technology is present in the most prestigious venues worldwide, including all stadiums in the first and second Spanish football league, 9 out of 10 and 8 out of 12 venues from the football World Cups 2010 and 2014 respectively, and list goes on. Our latest reason to be proud in the stadium of Benfica in Lisbon, Portugal, with a fully integrated Bosch solution counting cameras, public address, intrusion and fire detection, as well as management software. But not only large venues, even in the smallest ones you can find Bosch, because our technology, besides advanced, is scalable and cost-efficient for every requirement.

While we are facing ever more complex challenges, we believe that technology development and in particular, the intelligence that comes from connecting devices together and automating their interaction, in the so-called Internet of Things, will bring peace of mind. This is what we like to call the Stadium of the Future. But it is not just the future, the integrated security solutions of today already are a great help and show the path is clearly ahead. And Bosch is on the driving seat.