ESSMA developed a report on the impact of UEFA EURO 2016 on French stadium development. This report combines learnings and outcomes from different sources: 1) Rapport Grand Stades EURO 2016 2) ex-ante assessment of the economic impact of EURO 2016 and the economic and social impact of EURO 2016 by Centre de Droits et d’Economie du Sport (CDES) 3) Stadium Development panel discussion from the ESSMA Summit 2017 in Lyon, France. 

Chelsea were given approval by the Mayor of London for the go-ahead of their new stadium plans. 

The possibilities new stadiums offer to clubs can be stated with various examples: increased stadium attendances, bigger budgets (through higher ticketing revenues, branding and improved revenues of F&B and hospitality) and higher supporter/visitor satisfaction rates. 

ESSMA Stadium partner Philips Lighting announced Perth Stadium in Australia as the first full LED-lit multi-purpose stadium implementation in the Asia-Pacific region. 

The ESSMA Summit 2017 opened with the Stadium Development Seminar, providing insights in different European stadium projects. The seminar welcomed 250 people, which is more than twice the amount of participants compared to last year’s edition in Bilbao.