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As an international and independent not-for-profit organisation, the ICSS works with all those responsible for sport security, safety and integrity. Our clients and partners include key stakeholders such as event organisers, governments and bidding nations, infrastructure owners, sport associations, leagues and clubs. Our Team brings together some of the world's leading experts in sport security and integrity, whilst also having access to a worldwide. Network of specialist practitioners. The ICSS mission is to improve security, safety and integrity in sport by addressing real issues and providing world-leading services, skills, networks and knowledge.'

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Sports Grounds Safety Authority

The Sports Grounds Safety Authority is a government body that began as the Football Licensing Authority and has played a critical role in transforming spectator safety at football grounds in the UK. The SGSA carries out a range of regulatory functions in relation to football in England and Wales, and advisory functions in relation to other sports within the UK and internationally.  It operates a licensing scheme to regulate the spectator viewing accommodation at Premier and Football League Grounds, Wembley and the Millennium Stadium and oversees the issue and monitoring of Safety Certificates by local authorities.

The SGSA aims to create the conditions for safe and enjoyable experiences for spectators at all sports grounds in England and Wales and around the world.  It provides trusted independent advice and guidance, and uses its experience and commitment to drive continuous improvement. The SGSA works with its partners to educate and inform, and champions innovation in safety management.

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European Club Association - ESSMA Summit Event Partner

The European Club Association (ECA) is the sole, independent body directly representing football clubs at European level. ECA currently counts 214 member clubs representing 53 different UEFA National Associations. The main objective of ECA is to safeguard and promote the clubs’ interests on European club football matters and to maintain a high level involvement in the decision-making process of the game’s governing bodies. Furthermore, ECA provides to its member clubs a platform for knowledge sharing, information and services.

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Association of European Professional Football Leagues - ESSMA Summit Event Partner

The Association of European Professional Football Leagues (EPFL) is an association governed by Swiss law, founded in 2005 and based in Nyon, Switzerland. It traces its origins back to the founding in 1997 of the EUPPFL (Association of European Union Premier Professional Football Leagues). Originally composed by 12 members, nowadays comprises 29 Member leagues and Associate Members across Europe.

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Institute of Groundsmanship 

The Institute of Groundsmanship (IOG) is the leading organisation that represents professional and volunteer groundsmen and women, with its head office located in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom. In 1934, the first 11 founder members formed the National Association of Groundsmen, which became the Institute of Groundsmanship in 1969. The original purpose was defined as being to improve the status of groundsmen and the standard of groundsmanship. 

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